Pacci Designs




Sterling Silver, 2016

We are born into this maze called life, and begin to move around, driven by the necessity to survive and the desire to explore. Along the way we take wrong turns, hit dead ends and almost always end up in unexpected places.

I believe a heightened awareness of our journey is what allows us to have appreciation and wisdom. With a sense of enlightenment we are able to realize that in the end, all those “wrong turns” were actually simply parts of the puzzle that comprise a beautiful life story. 



Aluminum, 2016

Desexualization and hypersexualized practices of objectifying a woman’s body are on opposite sides of the spectrum of oppressing women. However, they are still on the same spectrum, because removing sexuality from the equation is not freeing, it is just another form of suppression.

My intention with this stylized body armor is to highlight this dilemma women face, by creating positive and negative shapes, and using the material in a continuous way, but going in opposite directions to reveal some, and protect other parts of the body.



Copper, 2016

It's like when the radio isn't tuned in, and all you hear is that irritating noise. It's like when your computer freezes because it's running too many programs at once. It's like riding a roller coaster all day long. It's like a car stuck in the snow with the wheels spinning. 

It's the ADHD brain.